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I love this picture, taken on holiday recently in the USA. It shows almost all the people that are important tome in the world at the moment, with the exception of Tom as he was living it up in Australia.

From left to right:

  • My son Daniel. He is so like me and growing up so fast. I can't believe he has just started Secondary school and is getting so tall he will catch me up in a few years!
  • Hannah, youngest daughter of my partner Theresa. Hannah loves music and her friends and is getting very cheeky, but lovable with it. I'mso glad she is part of my life .
  • Theresa and I have been together almost three years now. I love her smile, her infectious laugh, her occasional blonde moments and especially love the importantthings we share and care about.
  • My daughter Sophie. Sophie is a future pop star- she loves singing and dancing and big hugs from her dad (every pop starneeds those). She is also growing up very fast and is becoming very fashion conscious.
  • Maria, eldest daughter of Theresa. Maria is a beautiful young woman, who cares so much about her family and friends. She likes to party sometimes but her passion is fitness both exercising herslef and teaching classes - I wish I had her stamina!
  • My mum, Anne. What can I say best Mum in the world (and best nana too) see more below.

Missing from the picture are:

Tom, Theresa's son Chris, Theresa's Dad Harry, our border collie


My Mum

Mum still lives in Liverpool and I don;'t see her as often as I would like.

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But she is always there for me and I try to be there for her too.

I love my mum!